Integration Guides


Quick Start

1 Overview

Follow the steps below and Appodeal will generate a SDK integration code and tutorial for your system. Before start, bear in mind that:

  • To use Appodeal, you need to have an Admob account. It is normally created using your google login;
  • To sync Appodeal with Admob, please watch this video or read this link (you can change the framework by clicking into filter, at the right top side of the screen displayed).


Step 1: Go to the top-left side of your screen and click on “Docs”.


Step 2: After this, select your platform by clicking into it.


Step 3: Select which ad-networks you want to disable. If you want to generate higher revenues and have only Revmob ads on your app, please click here and we will show you how to do it :)


Step 4: Select the Ad-units that you want to integrate into your app.


Step 5: Select if you want to use the GPS data of your users to generate more income. *¹


¹ Revmob will not have access to any GPS data retrieved by the Appodeal Mediation Tool.

Step 6: This is the last step! Appodeal will ask if you use Proguard. Select your option and click “next”.



You are set! :) Now Appodeal generated a tutorial for you to integrate their mediation in your app (example below).
Follow this steps and you will be able to show our ads. -- Remember: If you only want to show Revmob ads using Appodeal, click here.